How to Rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google and YouTube Search

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The quest to rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google and YouTube Search has remained a big deal for plenty individuals. The basic thing is to rank video on YouTube search, rank video on Google Search and get views on YouTube.

If you are asked Do you want your videos to rank on YouTube and other search engines? THE Simple answer is “YES BUDDY”.

Although SEO is something that not many people know of, if you want to last long in one of the biggest video platform you will need to learn this YouTube SEO.

In this article I will be showing you a few things to do if you want your videos to rank on YouTube and other search engines just like Charlievibez.

Getting a video to rank on the first page of YouTube and even better on the first page of Google Search can really change your business for good as you will reach new people daily.

So in this article I will discuss the Five(5) best strategies on how I use to rank my YouTube videos on Google search and YouTube.

To make this more spicy I  am also going to give you a bonus tip at the end of this blog post on how I make my videos rank.

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Before I proceed I will advise you to stick to this guide to see how it is done. Before we start this tutorial I want you to know this power tip.

What you say and what Google sees in your video can help you rank on these platforms.

What Does it mean to Rank Video on YouTube Search?

How to rank first on Google and YouTube

Before you know how to make your video appear as the number one(1), you first need to what the YouTube SEO is all about.

Just like other SEO, YouTube SEO is the ever-changing practice of designing web content to rank highly in YouTube search engine results pages (SERPs).

As you all know, Search is often the best gatekeeper to your content, so optimizing your content for search is necessary to attract traffic viewers and grow a following on the Platform.

Rank Video on Google Search

As you all know Google is the parent company of YouTube which means if you are able to rank your videos on YouTube, they will rank on Google and vice versa.

Now Here are the simple methods I use to rank my videos on Charlievibez;

1. Research before you press record

This is one of the biggest mistake most creators make when it comes to creation contents on YouTube.

Most creators press record before doing research about what they are even recording about. After recording a video, that is when they will sit down and think about the title, tags, keywords to use.

Well, you may have some success in doing this but you are actually going to miss your chance of ranking on top one(1) to Ten(10) this is simply because you have to research first and record after.

What do I mean by research first?

Before you sit to record there are basic things you need to checkout about the video idea you got and some of these things are explained below.

Keyword research: Try to know what Topics and Terms people are searching for consistently related to your video.

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Google research:

Also ensure to check What kind of content is google ranking for the search term? To be more specific about this, you can go ahead and see if Google is already ranking a video for it.

If Google is already ranking a video for it, then it will be hard for your video to rank although hard does not mean impossible.

You may have some chance of ranking if google is giving out videos for that particular search term.

To be able to do the impossible you will really need to do keyword research. So go and search google if you are really ambitious on ranking your YouTube videos.

Outside Google there are also different keywords tool that can suggest high searched keywords tools for you but most of these softwares are available for a fee. This makes it hard for small creators to opt-in.


2. Create High-Quality Video.

Creating a video optimized for ranking is not a big deal when you focus on making videos with High Definition (HD). These video range from 720p to 4K in definition.

In a layman understanding a high-quality video is a video that has a high definition just like I have expressed above.

Even while making High Quality videos you need to make your video to be very informative because if your video is least informative or irrelevant to the topic, it won’t rank on youtube, no matter how optimized it is in the sense of SEO.

The quality of your video is determined by audience retention and engagement.

Audience retention: This is the percentage length of your video that the audience has watched. If you want to rank high you must focus on audience retention because this will tell YouTube how good the video is.

User engagement: The percentage at which people interact with your video is also important and these interactions include share, subscribe, comment, and like your videos. User engagement is an important Youtube SEO ranking factor.

18 Tips for Creating High Quality Videos

  1. Publish longer videos
  2. Plan your video script
  3. Upload high-resolution videos
  4. Your video content should be relevant to the chosen title.
  5. Create content that fulfills viewers’ requirements.
  6. Use examples to clarify your content.
  7. Make your content visually appealing.
  8. Prefer to give more information to your audience.
  9. Create original content
  10. Prefer to have audio quality and video effects.
  11. Avoid distractions
  12. Include subtitles
  13. Focus on the initial 15 seconds of your videos
  14. Add resources from well-known sites to your video.
  15. Prefer to use cards
  16. Setup end screens
  17. Create playlists.
  18. Use pattern interrupts to keep your audience


Let’s assume you’ve created two videos, Video A is 20 minutes long while video B is 10 minutes long.

On average, if viewers watch about 50% of  A and B videos, as a result, video A will more be twice the watch time of video B. This is the reason you should Publish longer videos.

Although viewers are really hungry fir shorter videos these days, ensure to make your video relevantly long.

When you plan your video script, it keeps your content flow and organized.

Make sure your videos are clear and high resolution, this means your videos should be in landscape size.

When your content is relevant to the chosen title, it enables viewers to watch your video for a longer period because, that is what they were searching for. In so doing , it increases your views, audience retention and engagement in general.

Create content that fulfills your viewers requirements, when it comes to creating content you must create content that will solve your viewers problem or search query not just videos of your choice.

 When you create content from your viewer’s perspective, it enables them to trust in you and also helps them share your content others who are interested in your content.

While making your videos ensure to give examples. When you give examples in your videos, it enables the viewers to better understanding what you are actually talking about.

When your audience can understand your content better, it will force them to share it and the more shares the more views you get, the more views you get, the more chance of ranking you get because YouTube will understand it relevance.

Make your videos visually appealing enough to capture viewers attention and make them stay for a longer period of time.

Always ensure to behave like you’re talking to humans while recording laugh where necessary.

Giving maximum relevant information to your viewers can help you gain more views. It is important to give a very detailed explanation about your video and give people the main reason why they should watch your videos.

Create original content, you must create your own content and make them unique in your own way. Mimicking others will not get you far on YouTube.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use a title that’s already used or talk about, this simply means you should create your own videos with your own ideas so that they will be unique to your audience and new viewers.

Ensure to avoid plagiarism as it is against the YouTube Guidelines and Policies.

If you want viewers to be engaged with your content then you need to provide good audio quality and video effects, when you use a good video effect in your videos, it makes it less boring to viewers.

3. Add Closed Captions

This is a no-miss tip because the google bot can not listen or watch your videos. The only way it can actually understand you is by closed captions or description.

For those who do not already know;

Closed captioning is the written version of an audio track for videos. It’s like a transcription, but might include descriptions of sounds and notations about who is speaking if it isn’t clear from the visuals.

You can ass the closed captions to your YouTube videos through subtitling.

4. Add Timestamps

Timestamps are also known as Google key moments because it tells google the actual time you make specific statements or review a particular product.

To add a timestamp, you have to first of all record the video and watch through. On that instance of watching through, jot down the time at which you said a certain important keyword.

For example, let’s say you are talking about “ Best High Paying Adsense Alternative For YouTube, WordPress, and Blog to Make $100 Weekly ”,

So some places to take Note that you are Mentioning a new Alternative.

5. Optimize your videos

For your videos to stand out among your competitors, it is important for you to optimize some things.

5 Things to Optimize in Every Video.

If you want your videos to rank on YouTube then you really need to pay close attention to these details because other steps can be neglected but not these.

The first thing you should optimize is

  1. Title: This is very crucial because it tells the viewer what actually the video is talking about and also tell search engine about your videos remember the Google or YouTube bot can not watch but only scan through specific details to rank your videos.
  1. Thumbnail: This is an image in form of a banner that if well optimize and SEO friendly could draw the viewers attention. Ensure to include as much lively key things on your thumbnail as even YouTube will advice you to get the best thumbnail or your videos.
  1. Description: This is a piece of intro about the video that normally tells search engines what the video is going to offer and how is going to solve a particular problem to who ever is looking for problems you solved in your videos. You can also include your keywords in the description section so the bot reads it and suggest your videos in those areas.
  1. Tags: these are keywords that are related to your video title that helps search engines place the video at the appropriate position where it belongs. This place is another stage where you should not just feel the blank space with unrelated word. Ensure to include every word people search for that should bring up your video.
  2. Topic: I will say the topic is the most important one here, this doesn’t mean the rest are not important. The topic became most important because if you are able to target the right topic at the right time believe me, you are going to really rank high. In addition, targeting the right topic will also give you the best ideas that will make Google understand what you are actually talking about.

11 Ways to Promote your Video

  1. Tell your audience to connect with you so you can both interact on social media platforms. this will make them eager to watch your next video.
  2. Participate in forums and blog discussions across other platforms outside YouTube.
  3.  List your video in relevant and reputable directories and be very loud about your creator life.
  4.  Prefer testimonial link building
  5.  Opt for influencer marketing
  6.  Earn backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites
  7.  Take advantage of email marketing by adding your YouTube link in an email signature.
  8.  Engage your audience by posting your video links on the community page.
  9.  Bookmark your videos on popular bookmarking sites (like
  10. Join high PR, Q&A sites and post answers to questions related to your video (like quora, Reddit, etc)
  11.  Embed videos in your blog post.


The bonus tip is to BE CONSISTENT. In everything  you do, consistency is the key if not the major one that unlocks all doors.

Try to post at least once a week and target when your viewers are on YouTube. The platform has has made this possible by giving you in-depth analytics on the YouTube Studio Web.

This does not apply to Channel that engage in gossips this is because contents are meant to be dropped as often as possible.

More of the time I get my video post ideas from social media and I use keyword everywhere to see related keywords.


These tip worked for any me before I became a big creator. I also apply these steps to my recent YouTube videos which have helped increase my views and Click Through Rate.

So I guarantee you 100% successful if you apply these strategies to your videos.

Thanks! Don’t forget to share this article.

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