Complete Guide on How to Monetized Reused Content Channel on YouTube

Complete Guide on How to Monetized Reused Content Channel on YouTube

Reused Contents has remained a major issue when trying to monetize on YouTube, lots of channels always encounter this major setback just when they think they have achieved the YouTube Milestone of 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch-hour.

If you have not been able to monetize with reused content do not worry as I will really go in-depth to explain What reuse content is, how to monetize reused content channels, how to remove reused content on youtube, how to use reused content on youtube, how to fix reused content monetization, and what reused content really is on youtube.

What is reused content on YouTube?

According to Google the Parent of YouTube and other Google services,

Reused content refers to channels that repurpose someone else’s content without adding significant original commentary or educational value.(Read Full article)

In a layman’s understanding, Reuse content is making use of another person’s content that does not originally belong to you.

This content might not have come from YouTube but it might have been downloaded from other places on the internet including the social media platform.

Reused Content can also be said to be content used multiple times across the internet by different users. This can be referred to the funny “Short clip” you include in your video while editing to make the video more creative.

Generally, all video across the internet has an ID to identify each one so using short clips from any social media platform will be tagged reused content since other parties can easily download and also use the same content.

How to Use Reused Content on YouTube

Since we have come to realize what Reused Content is all about can we use it in our videos YES? You can make use of reused content in editing your video without fears of having monetization issues since everything will be following the YouTube Guidelines and Policies.

  • Add commentary/voiceover to the video or show your presence in your videos; while making your videos, it will be very worthy to add a voiceover or record a video of yourself making commentary to whatever it is. This trick is mostly used by those who own or manage REACTION VIDEO CHANNELS where all they do is record videos of themselves talking about their favorite songs or music video. Also including a voice-over of yourself will also go a long way to set out your video and save it from falling under the hands of reused contents.
  • Make sure the content on your channel aligns with YouTube’s policies; Like I have stated above reading and following the YouTube Guidelines and Policy will go a long way to determine your stay on YouTube. Before you start making any video ensure to go through the YouTube Guidelines and Policy to see where your content goes against the policy so you don’t suffer the penalties of a violator. In terms of reusing content or how to make use of other people’s content on youtube, the guidelines and policies have laid out a smooth way to go about it.

how to Fix/Monetize Reused Content Channel on YouTube 

The quest to monetize channel on YouTube has been a serious battle as everyone encounter reused content the very first time they apply.

The truth is as a new Creator who just signed up on Adsense looking forward to making money from YouTube, The YouTube monetization bot is always the first to crawl your channel for monetization and as a robot, every little mistake is a big error.

After you are held for reused contents by the bot in your first time of monetization, you will be given one month to go and study about reused contents and also edit your channel so when human agents come to finally review you can be easily approved.

so with that being said what is the proper way to fix a YouTube channel before applying for monetization

  • EDIT YOUR CHANNEL ABOUT; The first and proper way to start reviewing your channel properly is to edit your about info in your channel. Although many people don’t know this, your channel plays a key role in your monetization process. You might start by talking about what your channel is about then go ahead also explain how you make your video. Here is a clear example/Sample of an about I used some time ago

    Hello dear welcome to Charlievibez. If you are new and wondering what this channel is about…In charlievibez I make Video reactions to NEWS revolving around celebrities in Nigeria and Africa.Also, I make Reviews of songs and videos from popular artists…Gossips are not exempted as I also bring to you videos from top celebrities and politicians’ lifestyles..I make my videos using pictures or clips from who or whatever I want to talk about…You can connect with me via social media so we can get to know each other and relate better use my social links MY Contents °News Reaction°Music Reactions°Comedy Reaction°Viral Clips

    Basically, you’re given space for 1000 words and it’s not for fans-see so try your best to go in-depth about what your channel is all about.

  • EDIT YOUR CHANNEL BANNER AND PROFILE PHOTO; Changing your channel Profile photo and banner will make your channel stand out when it goes under the critical eyes of YouTube reviewers. For the Banner create a proper banner including your photo and some playlist on your channel. Below is an example of a proper Channel Banner. YouTube channel Banner
    For the Profile Photo, include your logo or personal photo as your channel profile photo as YouTube really want to be sure you are a human being and not a robot/alien.
  • RE-EDIT YOUR UPLOADED VIDEOS CHANNEL; If you make videos without your face in them but just your voice then re-editing your uploaded video will go a long way during your monetization process. Also for channels that do Tiktok Compilation and/or other compilations of music videos or funny comedy then you also have to re-edit your videos. When you try to edit your video there are things to really note out. Firstly; you have to give credit to whoever owns the songs you used in your videos. Many people fail to give credits whereby having a copyright claim or a copyright strike where the latter always comes with more penalty. You can watch the video below to see how it is been done

    You have to Blur the faces of those in your video. Compilation Videos is a combination of totally different videos from different sources because you do not own this content as I have explained early, YouTube fully knows it’s reused and also understands you have no right over it. So, you have to blur the faces of those involved in the video. Blurring the faces of those involved shows you have knowledge of what reused contents are and you are showing you now own this content as YouTube will see it as a creative way of editing. Now with all this let me leak you on to how you can successfully blow your videos. In order to carry out this editing, you will be needed to head to your YouTube Studio Web where you will have an extension to edit your already uploaded video. When you click the above link leading you to the studio web, you will then click on the video you want to edit to have the editor feature. After clicking the video five features or extensions will appear at the left-hand side, from there click on the EDITOR as shown in the picture below How to blur a YouTube video           After clicking on the editor you will have another 5/6 new features open to you from the left-hand side. Click on the “+” just on the same line as the Blur. After clicking this you will be prompted with two options on what you want to blur “Custom” and ”Face Blur”. Choose the Face blur as we will be blurring the faces of those in the video. After clicking the face Blur, the bot will identify and detect every face in the video for quick blurring. Once the detection is complete all you have to do is to select all the faces and click on blur.


Following these intensive tutorials, you will be able to monetize your channel even with reused content. So for those asking questions like can i monetize reused content?, what is reused content on youtube, how to monetize reused content channels, or looking for ways to Fix or Monetize reused content on their YouTube channel has gotten all their answers in this comprehensive post.

Although not everyone can be monetized with reused content, 90% of those who have followed this tutorial have ended up being monetized in less than a week.

Ensure to follow every tutorial but you encounter any issue while trying to monetize you can hit me up on my Instagram account.

I wish you a lot of success while trying to monetize your YouTube channel.

For a video tutorial of this post ensure to check out our YouTube Channel so you can see everything right from my screen.

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