Best High Paying Adsense Alternative For YouTube, WordPress, and Blog to Make $100 Weekly


Many creators have been looking for the best Adsense Alternative for YouTube, Best Adsense alternative for WordPress and also looking for the best high paying Adsense alternative.

Truth be told getting monetized on YouTube is not as easy as it seems as things like Reused Contents will keep up being an issue.

Thanks to my detailed post on how to monetize with reused content on YouTube how to monetize with reused content on YouTube.

Also monetized creators look for other ways to make money so they can be able to increase their mo that income.

If any of the above seem to be your case do not worry anymore as I will be giving you a detailed explanation on some of the best high paying Adsense alternative for your YouTube channel WordPress website and blog.

What is Adsense Alternative?

Before I proceed on giving you full details about the best Adsense alternative, let me first tell you what it really is

Adsense alternative are all other legal means of monetizing your content without using the popular Google advertisement Company Adsense.

Although Adsense Alternative refers to other means without Adsense, some people tend to monetize their content with Adsense along with other alternative.

What are The Best Adsense Alternative for YouTube?

Although one of the best and main way of monetizing on YouTube is through Google Adsense, some people tend to look for alternatives.

Monetizing on YouTube with other alternative is not an illegal thing to do as YouTube will also ask you to use other alternative to increase your earning using their YouTube studio web.

Here are some of the best Adsense alternative for YouTube;

Channel Membership: Creating a channel Membership will help you to earn more money with your YouTube channel as your viewers tend to pay a fee to keep on enjoying your content.

The pro tip about this is that the content you show to your paid members should be very exclusive and not available to other regular audience.

The sad thing about Channel Membership is that creators not under the YouTube partnership program can not be able to activate the feature. You need to know that the Channel Membership feature is available to both Monetized and non monetized creators.

To activate your Channel Membership, You need to go to the YouTube Web studio and access the Monetization feature with the sign “$”. Navigate to the Membership button and follow the procedure to set up your channel Membership.

Viewers can then be able to join your channel Membership as a green “Join Membership” button will be showing on your channel homepage next to your channel name.

Requirement to Sign up for Channel Membership

As sad as this may sound there are different requirements that may restrict one or more creators from enjoying this Adsense Alternative. Below are some of the requirements to sign up for Channel Membership on YouTube.

  1. Your channel must have more than 1,000 subscribers; YouTube channel below 1000 subscribers are not accepted in the membership program so ensure to have hit this milestone.
  2. Your channel is in the YouTube Partner Program; As sad as this may sound Creators who have not been monetized under YouTube Adsense can not be able to activate the YouTube Channel Membership.
  3. You’re over 18 years old; As usual YouTube has also restricted the Channels Membership to only creators who are 18 years and above. This is usual as also signing up for Adsense requires you to be of legal age.
  4. You’re in one of the available locations; Channel Membership is not available for every country and to check your country eligibility use the link at the end of this segment to check.
  5. Your channel has a Community tab; This is also a requirement but it’s not a hard one as every channel that has above 500 subscribers now have access to the Community Tab.
  6. Your channel is not set as made for kids; Channels made for kids are not allowed into the YouTube partnership program as viewers of such channels are not even of legal age.

For more information about channel Membership and everything related to that, do well to read the Google comprehensive post.

Livestream Stickers/Superchat: Still on Adsense Alternative we will be talking on how to make money while you’re live.
YouTube has made it possible that being live with your audience can still earn you money. Using the Super stickers available for viewers, your audience can reward you with stickers they buy from YouTube.
Let me really explain what YouTube Super-stickers really are
Super Chat and Super Stickers are ways to connect fans with creators during live chat. Viewers can purchase Super Chats to highlight your message within live chat. Viewers can also purchase Super Stickers to see a digital or animated image that pops up in the live chat feed.
Requirements for Superstickers and Super chat

Note: Super Chat and Super Stickers aren’t available on age-restricted, unlisted, or private videos. Super Chat and Super Stickers are also not available if live chat is turned off.

Requirements for individual videos

Super Chat and Super Stickers aren’t available on the following types of videos:

  • Age-restricted
  • Unlisted
  • Private
  • Made for kids

Super Chat and Super Stickers are also not available if live chat is turned off.

For full article on Superchats and Stickers, Click the link.

Merchandise: Since we have talked about two different ways to make money outside the usual Adsense video ads, we will be talking about two different ways at this moment that has nothing to do with Adsense.

You can design and sell your official merchandise (like T-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases) below your videos.
Using the method of selling merch that is T-shirt, hoodies and stuffs like that, you can either do it under YouTube or do it all by yourself.
Let me start by explaining first under YouTube then I will go ahead to explain the procedure all by yourself.
If you are going to be producing your merch products under Adsense, there are thing to note and I will begin with the requirements;

Requirements for Merchandise on YouTube

Just like every other method I’ve explained earlier, Monetizing with YouTube on other methods outside ads still requires you to have an Adsense account. Outside Adsense here are other requirements
  • Just like I explained earlier, you must be monetized under Adsense to be able to carry out this mode of monetization under  YouTube.
  • Just like other things on YouTube, Merchandise is not available in every region and for the list of all the  countries where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  • If your channel is a music channel, it has to be an Official Artist Channel; if it’s not a music channel, it has to have more than 10,000 subscribers before you are accepted into this program.
  • Channels made for kids are not allowed into this program. If a significant amount of your videos are made for kids you won’t be able to add this alternative.
  • Your channel does not have a significant number of videos that violate YouTube Channel Monetization Policies.
  • Your channel has not received any Hate Speech Community Guideline Strikes.

Above are all the requirements for all channels looking to join  Merchandise program available on YouTube as an extension to monetize their presence.

Now let’s talk about those looking to merchandise outside Adsense, Channels who have applied for monetization several times and have been declined to monetize can use this method.

Also there are some contents that can not be monetized on YouTube although these contents are consumes by large audience.

If your channel is focused on TikTok Compilation Video, some type of gaming, you will not be able to monetized as most of these channels will keep on being held for reused Contents. Thanks to my article on how to monetize with reused contents how to monetize with reused contents.

For those Channels that already have a large active audience and they can’t be monetized with Adsense, Merchandise is a great way to monetize their contents.

You can set up everything yourself although it’s not an easy process to start but it’s better to start to have never done anything.

These are some of the simple procedures to use and start your own Merchandise for your Channel;

  • To start running your merchandise, you need to start a clothing brand. There is no need to panic as there are tons of tutorials to guide you through this process.

Here is a video to walk you through the whole process from Troya Monay.

You can start your own clothing brand or Promote some other clothing brand. Whichever way the end product must be to make money from your contents.

Just like I have said earlier starting your own clothing brand can be quite expensive and difficult to do. But you can use platforms like Shopify to create simple merch to sell.

Affiliation, Personal Product and service

We have come to one of my most interesting part in High paying Adsense Alternative For YouTube.

Having your own product or service to promote or sell is one of the best methods to make money outside Adsense.

Channels who can make it big under this method are those in Hair barbing, tailoring, or DIYs.

Channels that do such things easily have clients interest in their service or wanting to buy their product so they can imitate what they have been watching.

If you own or manage any of the channels I mentioned earlier then it will be great you take advantage of selling your own product or rendering your service to viewers for a fee.

For a Barbing channel, you can have your own product like hair jell or affiliate for any product you think will be of great help to your audience.

Running an affiliate program is one of the best ways as you can easily suggest the right product for your audience and they won’t mind buying as they want to both support you and also get the right tool for the DIY.

You can use different Affiliate program for your channel and the great news about this is that you can use a different program for every different video.

Best Adsense Alternatives for wordpress

Just like there are different alternatives to use for YouTube, so there are also different adsense alternatives for wordpress.

WordPress comprises of both site and blogs using the WordPress software for their website or blog.

In this segment, I will be giving you different alternative for those of you who have had Adsense decline your request to monetize.

The good thing about most of these Adsense Alternative I will be giving you is that they are best high paying adsense alternative for WordPress.


When Adsense Alternatives for wordpress is being talked about, everyone will first recommend Affiliate Marketing as this is the bedrock of Adsense Alternative.

Amazon which is an American multinational technology company is one of one of the best to look at when affiliate program is talked about.

Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.
So far, It has been referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world”, and is one of the world’s most valuable brands at the moment(Read the full post Here)

You might have been asking yourself How much does the Amazon Affiliate program pay? Well, You can earn, on average, from $100 to $20,000 from the Amazon Affiliate program, depending on how many referrals you generate for Amazon.

Here is an illustration of how it is; So let’s say you have a blog about Apple products and you put an advert driving them to buy an Apple Watch or just a cable. If they buy it, a small commission will be for you.

So if you sell a $50 Apple Watch you might receive as low as $5, but if you have someone buy a $1500 Laptop you might receive as much as $100.

Generally, The Amazon Affiliate program operates on a commission basis, meaning you’ll make a percentage per sale every time you make a sale through your link.

You can make a good amount of money from Amazon joining their affiliate program available for both Publishers and creators especially in Christmas and other holidays as this is the period many people are making purchase to surprise their loved ones.

Also if you have a website that talks about any product that can be found on Amazon, then Amazon associates could work for you in great way.

In their mode of advertisement, Amazon allows you to put dynamic image ads to your blog including special links only associated to you so that you can promote them to your audience.

The good thing is that everything they buy through your link (even if it isn’t the product you recommended at first) will generate a commission for you and you will not have to submit different links for different posts all you have to do is just to include your initial link.

the only Con I find with Amazon is that they need to send you a check that could take weeks to arrive to your home, unless you live in the United Stated of America where you can provide your Bank account.

Also, some African countries are not allowed into the Amazon associate so you have to check your country eligibility before you apply.

One great thing about Amazon associates is that You can use this affiliate program with Adsense at the same time.

Sign Up Here 


Just like it name, InfoLinks works differently than Google Adsense. It is ranked to be the third-largest publisher marketplace available today, which means having your blog and website thriving with lots of ads will not be a difficult thing to achieve.

InfoLinks is a contextual ad network which means it only shows ads that are relevant to your website.

This means if you have a website about Apple products, the advertisements on your site will be products related to Apple.

Infolink is really different from other advertisement platforms when it comes to serving ads. Just like I have said earlier, it does not show banner ads but rather it allows you to place text snippets and links with content that is related to the topic of your page.

When anyone clicks on any of those links, they are taken to a page with more information about the product or service being advertised.

If you have ever noticed links that show miniature pop boxes when hovered over, that’s it. They are actually InfoLink ads popping at you .

This type of advertisement is known as a CPC (cost per click) ad because the advertiser only pays when someone eventually clicks on the link.

Unlike other advertisement platforms, infolink does not require you to have a certain amount of daily views.

All you have to do is submit your URL and allow the infolink team to review your blog or site to see if their ads are relevant for your site.


When looking for best Alternatives for WordPress, Having your own product or service listed in your website is a great way of advertising and one of the most recommend.

There are lots of blogs and website across the Internet that use this form of making money online as an alternative to Google AdSense.

In this path all you have to do is to have a product just like I have explained in the best Alternative Adsense for YouTube.

The product or service you should look out for should be something relevant to your audience so you can be able to make sales even with little audience.

Let’s say you have a Blog and you write about tutorials on blogging and other things of that nature.

Writing an Ebook on SEO Contents will go a great way as those creating websites will also be interested in making their blog posts rank.


So far I have been able to explain all the best and legal means of monetizing your YouTube contents along with your WordPress website.

These methods I have written here are some of the best Adsense Alternative available at the moment. As new ways come out on the internet, I will keep on updating you about everything related to that.

Although some of the methods I mentions in this post are totally alternatives to Adsense, some of these methods can be used straight away with Adsense.

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